Sins of the Father RS3 Fast Walkthrough & More Details with $18 Off RuneScape 3 Gold on RSorder

A new miniquest named Sins of the Father RS3 has been released this week. Competing this miniquest will unlock the Effigy Incubator D&D.

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Requirements for Sins of the Father RS3

RS Sins of the Father is a new miniquest released on September 14th 2020, which unlocks the Effigy Incubator D&D. To start this quest, you need to reach at least one of the following requirements:
Level 85 Crafting
Level 85 Runecrafting
Level 85 Smithing
Level 85 Invention

RS Sins of the Father quest walkthrough

1. To start the Sins of the Father quest, speak to Mr. Mordaut at the Anachronia base camp.
2. Speak to either Eliza or Alpheus by the Anachronia lodestone.
3. Head north out of the base camp. Walk down the stairs until there is something feeling different. Notice that do not use the agility shortcut.
4. Investigate the nearby Dragonkin statue.
5. Enter the door.
6. Speak to Vicendithas.
7. Speak to Vicendithas again.
8. Gather 20 resources from one of the nodes.
9. Pick one Effigy Casing from the middle.
10. Speak to Vicendithas.
11. Head to Kerapac’s Workbench and construct the effigy.
12. Speak to Vicendithas.
13. Turn the valves in the order instructed. Interact with the Incubator Hatch after turning 3 valves.
Interact with the Incubator Hatch again to get the uncharged effigy.
14. Speak to Vicendithas.
15. Speak to Vicendithas again. Miniquest complete!

Hope our RS Sins of the Father guide can help you complete this miniquest.

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