Than Trying To Be Over Dramatic

Yep, afaik thats the xbox identity supplier stuffing up, you are going to see that Meseta pso2 from the corner it says”NO USER”.

Best bet is to just restart your pc and try again.

It looks as if you are not logged in the Windows Store/Xbox app. Log into that and try again.

Currently trying to start the Xbox Program in my pc and it’s not loading… may be this tbf Edit: Attempting to login on the xbox program and the sign in button just isn’t doing anything…

If you have a VPN on turn off it for 5 mins and try again.

I really don’t have a VPN on, however I did have to do something to get the game from the NA windows store as I’m in the united kingdom. My bf who did the Exact Same thing has no problems atm though so I don’t believe it was that

Hmm, well it’s the Xbox program looking for your user login to playwith. If you’ve got a brand new account I’d just download it . You’ve been warned.

Would you know if I’ll be able to link my steam account for my preexisting pso2 account? I really don’t wanna have to lose everything and restart again.

I’m using tweaker.

Unfortunately, I’ve restarted the game a few times now already and the exact same thing is still happening. I’m pretty sure it’s just the xbox app being owo fucky wucky, so I *could* reinstall it on steam (as suggested by another response ) but its 80gb and my web is complete wank therefore it’ll Have a good 24 hours to reinstall

Hey, I fixed this last month. It is a problem with Buy PSO2 Meseta xbox game companion. Uninstall and reinstall it, then load it (perhaps a few times) to make sure it actually logs you . Ah, I think they actually renamed the program to simply”xbox (beta)” or something now so it may be called that.