the genre should consider giving Warface: Breakout a look

Warface DLC Packs Temperatures are plummeting but the battle is just heating up in Cold Sun the third season of Warface: Breakout. Between a brand-new map exclusive rewards new features and Christmas events on the way find out what awaits in the upcoming free update.For a limited time only fight your way through Cold Sun to earn exclusive rewards including new cosmetics. Customize your weapons and style by unlocking new armor weapon skins avatars challenge cards victory poses and bomb skins. You can also add another element to your personal style with weapon trinkets a newly added cosmetic option that you can attach to your weapons.

Warface: Breakout the tactical first-person shooter from the team at Crytek is about to get some new content to close out 2020. Alongside this Christmas-themed event also comes with themed exclusive cosmetics including avatars stickers and challenge cards to get players into the holiday spirit. This Christmas-themed event will last from December 22 all the way through January 11. Returning players interested in these new seasonal rewards should definitely make time for Warface: Breakout over the holiday season. This spin-off of the free-to-play Warface title stands on its own as a solid tactical shooter so new players interested in the genre should consider giving Warface: Breakout a look.By the way, you can buy cheap Warface Yakuza Pack   from

Tactical shooter Warface: Breakout has launched Season 3 “Cold Sun” as a free update on Xbox One.Cold Sun introduces the brand new wintery map “Outskirts” set in a snow-covered mountain village to really put the chill in your bones. On top of that the update also reimagines how scopes work allowing players to aim down sights without losing track of the environment around them.A limited-time Christmas event begins today as well and runs until 11th January 2021 bringing a new limited-time Team Deathmatch mode and exclusive cosmetics.Warface: Breakout is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.