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RS Robin pet is a free reward available in The Knight Before Christmas. You can get hold of this pet reward after completing the tier 5 task. When you interact with Robin, it will perform an emote.

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RS Robin pet available from The Knight Before Christmas

Robin is a pet reward that can be awarded after completing the tier 5 task for F2P during The Knight Before Christmas. When you obtain Robin the Reindeer Yak in pet form, you can be able to interact with it to perform an emote. Here is a picture showing the appearance of Robin.
What is more, beyond of Robin pet, you can also obtain small cash bag when the tier 5 task is completed.

How to complete RS The Knight Before Christmas tier 5 task?

To get Robin pet, you have to complete the tier 5 task for P2P during this new Yak Track. The task options you can choose are listed below:
Task A: Earn base XP in the Smithing skill.
Task B: Firemaking: burn willow logs, teak logs, maple logs, mahogany logs, yew logs, magic logs and corrupted magic logs at level 99 Firemaking.
You can choose either task to complete to obtain Robin pet reward.

Complete the tier 5 task if you want RS Robin pet.

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