Use Dark Key OSRS for Dark Chest Rewards on Isle of Souls

OSRS dark key is a new item added to the game with the Isle of Souls update. This dark key can be used to open the dark chest for XP and some rewards.

How to obtain the dark key OSRS?

OSRS dark key can be obtained from a chest in the Dungeon on the eastern side of the island. You need to have level 28 Thieving to open the chest.
In addition to the dark key, there is also a chance to obtain some herbs, runes, the medium Clue scroll and other loot from this chest.

Use dark key OSRS to open dark chest

The dark key is used to open the dark chest which can be found in the basement of the Crumbling Tower. Opening the dark chest OSRS will give you 1,500 Thieving XP and an item from a new loot table. Here is a list of the dark chest loot:
Dark key
Adamant arrow
Rune arrow
Grimy snapdragon
Grimy dwarf weed
Grimy torstol
Grimy ranarr weed
Dragon leather (green, blue, red, black)
Babydragon bones
Dragon bones
Chaos rune
Blood rune
Nature rune
Rune axe
Rune pickaxe
Rune longsword

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